Simple Elements Of A Keeping Room

Once upon a time, homes were built with warmth being the most important thing in mind. Many old homes have small rooms adjacent to the kitchen that house a fireplace.

Back in the 18th-century people coined the term “Keeping Room” and these spaces served a specific purpose. Let’s talk about simple elements of these spaces.

A keeping room is a space off of the main kitchen area, but it is still included in the kitchen.

What is a Keeping Room?

Keeping Room versus Hearth Room

Keeping Rooms are small and the purpose is for people to enjoy the fire while someone cooks. They are also not large enough to be a stand alone room.

Hearth rooms are typically sectioned off by a wide doorway or are sunken in, creating the feel of a different space.

Fireplace– All of these spaces should have a heat source, such as a fireplace. This is the key element for all of these rooms.

Simple Elements of a Keeping Room

Sitting area– In order to enjoy the fire and keep warm, the space must have some form of seating.

Bookshelves– Not all of them have bookshelves, but many modern keeping rooms do.

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