Smoked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Smoked Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of those meals that you think of when you are tight on time and you need to throw something together quickly. Well, homemade mac and cheese is just as quick and tastes way better. Today, I’m sharing my smoked mac and cheese from scratch recipe.

Why Make Smoked Mac and Cheese?

For the sake of complete transparency, I need to share that I had eaten homemade mac and it seemed to me to be dry and not at all creamy. That is not what I was going for when I set out to create a delicious creamy mac and cheese. I wanted a recipe that provided a comfort food. My kids need to go “mmmmm” after they take the first bite. That’s what I wanted.

Is Scratch Mac and Cheese better than Boxed?

As the weather gets colder here, the warmth of cheesy pasta just seems right. Let me share a few of the reasons why I love taking the time to make mac and cheese from scratch. -Real Mac and Cheese is healthier -It tastes better -From Scratch doesn’t take much time

What is Smoked Mac and Cheese?


It pairs so nicely with anything grilled and guys appreciate the full flavor of this mac. If you want to make mac and cheese, but your husband doesn’t usually love it, this is the recipe to make him! Most people use their smokers to do a recipe like this, which you are welcome to do, but I add a simple ingredient to make the “smoked” flavor and simply bake it in my oven to get it nice a bubbly. Easy, peasy!

Ingredients for Smoked Mac and Cheese

-Noodles -Butter -Flour -Mustard Powder -Whole Milk -Half and Half -Cream Cheese -Grated Cheeses -Panko Breadcrumbs -Liquid Smoke Flavor

5 Easy Steps for Smoked Mac and Cheese

1. Cook the Pasta to al dente 2. Make the Cheese Sauce 3. Panko Topping 4. Combine the Sauce and Pasta 5. Sprinkle Panko on top and bake

If you want a standard Mac and Cheese without the smoked flavor, simply leave the liquid smoke out of the recipe. Maybe you want it even simpler. You can serve this dish right after the sauce and pasta is ready. Combine the sauce and pasta and serve it without the panko topping or liquid smoke! This makes a great basic mac and cheese, too.

What if I just want Mac and Cheese without the Smoke Flavor?

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