Spring Decorating with Faux Flowers Tips and Tricks

Many of us enter into the spring months with no fresh flowers in sight for weeks. Fresh flower arrangements can be expensive and they don’t last very long.

Faux flowers allow us to have bright, cheery flowers in early spring and to bring new life into our homes after a monotone winter.

Why Buy Faux Flowers

Differing Blooms- Buy stems that have blooms that are in different stages. This creates a more natural look to the arrangement.

Making Faux Flowers Look Real

Hobby Lobby or Michael’s– Both of these stores have flowers that look more realistic and they, almost always, have good sales for their flowers.

Where to Buy Faux Flowers

Baskets- Baskets are one of the best, most natural, vases to use for flowers.

What to Use as Flower Containers for a Flower Arrangement

Choose your Vessel- One of my favorite tips is to find a vase that gets narrower at the mouth.  This keeps the flowers orderly and prevents them from flopping around, which can be frustrating.

How to Create Beautiful Flower Arrangements

The best way to store faux flowers is in a clear plastic tote.  Lay them flat and alternate the direction you lay the flowers so they have more room to rest.

How to store Faux Flowers