Spring Dessert Recipe Ideas


BEST Lemon Bars

Lemon desserts are always a favorite, especially in the warmer months! However, these tart, yet sweet, Lemon Bars with Graham Cracker Crust are the perfect dessert for lemon lovers any time of the year!

Chocolate Chip Pie

Take the best chocolate chip cookie and marry it with a classic pie and you get this decadent dessert that uses simple ingredients and is so easy to make!

Puff Pastry Turnover

Turnovers are made with simple ingredients, and can be made ahead of time for a quick and easy breakfast or dessert that everyone will enjoy.

Tea Cakes

Old fashioned tea cakes have been around for generations, bringing comfort and a certain amount of nostalgia. Whip up a simple batch of these cookies for your next tea time. The best part is they are easy and use basic ingredients.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie

The best part about this creamy, old fashioned chocolate pie recipe is that it’s not only simple, but it uses everyday ingredients you probably have in your pantry. Make this delicious pie today and enjoy it tonight with a cup of decaf.

Strawberry Crumble

Finish off your family dinner with an easy strawberry crumble that boasts delicious fresh strawberries and the perfect crumble topping. Did I mention that this is a fast and simple recipe?

Peach Crisp with  Oatmeal

It doesn’t get more deliciously rustic than a peach crisp with an oatmeal topping. You take the most basic ingredients and turn it into the perfect summer dessert.

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