White Shiplap behind Sink and Stove

Shiplap is a timeless and beautiful design to put on any wall, but put it on your kitchen walls and you instantly feel like you’re in a French cottage.

True shiplap overlaps and was originally used in old ships to prevent water from seeping in. As time has moved on, so has the style of shiplap.

What is shiplap?

The best part of shiplap as a backsplash is that it creates a simple line that draws your eye either around the room if it is hung horizontally or upward if it is hung vertically.

Can shiplap be used as a backsplash?

There are a few tips for keeping your backsplash in good condition behind your sink. – Wipe up spills immediately- Don’t let water or splatter stay on your shiplap. It doesn’t take much effort to wipe it away in a timely manner.

Using Shiplap behind Kitchen Sink

There are paints and sealers on the market that help to maintain the integrity of wood products, even when met with a small amount of moisture.

Waterproof Shiplap Backsplash

If you use a product, such as Hardiplank, it is essentially cement and heat resistant. Maybe you want to go a different route and use traditional tongue and groove as your backsplash.

Using Shiplap behind a Stove

Seal the shiplap with a waterproof/heat resistant clear coat. Keep shiplap edges off of the counter and caulk the gap to keep water away from the wood.

Tips for shiplap behind sink and stove