Best Garlic Bread Lasagna

Best Garlic Bread Lasagna

What tastes more delicious than cheesy lasagna served with a side of garlic bread? You will know the answer after you have tried my lasagna garlic bread, which is lasagna baked in the center of a French bread loaf!

Lasagna is an Italian dish full of savory goodness that is typically served with French bread and lots of garlic butter. However, my lasagna garlic bread is a twist on that popular meal, and my family just loves it!

What is Garlic Bread Lasagna?

What Makes This Recipe Different than Typical Lasagna Recipes?

Lasagna garlic bread is lasagna noodles, meat sauce, and mozzarella cheese all layered inside of hollowed out bread loaves and baked to a golden brown bubbly goodness!

Tell Me Why You'll Love Garlic Bread Lasagna


- It’s a great recipe that you can prepare up to 4 days in advance before you actually need to bake it! -You can adapt this recipe using your favorite pasta sauce, homemade sauce, choice of ground meat, and whatever cheeses you have on hand.

Tell Me About Garlic Bread Lasagna

Taste- Every bite is a burst of savory, cheesy, buttery, garlicky goodness! Texture- It’s gooey and soft, with fine pieces of meat and chewy bread Ease- There are several steps involved: brown ground beef, hollow out the bread, boil the noodles, then add the layers of cheese, meat, and noodles inside the bread..

Ingredients for Garlic Bread Lasagna

- French Bread Loaves - Lasagna Noodle Sheets - Ground Beef - Pasta Sauce - Shredded Mozzarella Cheese - Seasonings - Melted Butter

How to Make Garlic Bread Lasagna

Prep Time: 30 min. Cook Time: 20 min. 1. Prepare the bread 2. Layer the lasagna ingredients 3. Bake

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