Best Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


This chocolate chip skillet cookie recipe is a crowd pleaser and will make your mouth water as it bakes in your oven! Who wouldn’t want a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert that the whole family could share on any occasion?

Skillet cookies are easier and less time consuming to make and bake than individual cookies because the cookie dough is spread into the oven-safe skillet and later cut into slices like a pizza after it’s cooled.

Why you’ll love this skillet chocolate chip cookie

- Each bite consists of sweet, chocolatey, and buttery goodness! - Gooey, moist, and chewy would describe this delicious skillet cookie.

Tell me about this skillet chocolate chip cookie

Prep Time: 1 MIN

Cook Time: 15 mins


- Eggs - All Purpose Flour - Granulated White Sugar - Brown Sugar - Vanilla Extract - Butter - Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Simple steps for making Skillet chocolate Chip Cookie

1. Preheat cast-iron in oven. 2. Add all ingredients to large bowl. 3. Pour batter into 12 inch preheated skillet and press down to spread into pan and bake.

– Skillet cookies are an excellent dessert for non-cake lovers. – If you have a 10″ skillet instead of a 12″ skillet, you will need to bake the cookie longer, and it will be a thicker skillet cookie.

– For a fun different idea, you can use mini cast iron skillets to make personal skillet cookies and personalize them the way each individual would like! – If you prefer to cook the skillet cookie on the stove, be sure to check that it isn’t burning on the bottom or undercooking in the center of the skillet cookie.