Decorating A Simple Christmas Tree

If you are someone who wants the Christmas season to be simple and enjoyable, might I encourage you to make decorating your Christmas tree a simple event?

There are so many areas where I want things to be primped and perfect, but for some reason, the Christmas tree isn’t one of those areas. It can be tempting to take over the Christmas tree decorating and place each and every ornament exactly where it should go, but that only adds one more thing to your list.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree?

Decorating the tree is a simple process. I like to do my part first and then let my kids add the finishing touches with their ornaments. Our tree is usually covered in both orange and salt dough treasures.

1. Fluff the tree 2. Add lights 3. Put on the star or angel 4. Tie on ribbon 5. Place tree candles on each branch 6. Wrap the tree skirt around the base

There are simple steps for getting your tree ready for the charming kid’s ornaments.

I like a sparse, quirky tree for our home. They remind me of real trees more than the perfect “triangle” trees. Spread the branches. Tip the inner branches upward. Outer branches stay straight

Fluff the Tree

Add lights to Your Christmas Tree

I prefer to wrap my own tree in lights. I like that I can control where the lights are and what kind of lights are on the tree.

Put the Tree Topper on the Tree

When the lights are done, put your tree topper on the tree. You can adjust it as needed so that it is straight. My favorite toppers are stars or angels.

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