Easy DIY Anthropologie Mirror

This easy DIY Anthropologie Mirror was so simple to put together that even a “non-DIYer” like me could do it!

Mirror– Simple mirror with a flat bottom so it can stand on a dresser or mantle.

What do you need to make a Gleaming Primrose mirror?

Appliqués- You will need an appliqué for the top and then two appliqués that flank the bottom of the mirror.

Rub ‘n Buff- This is a product that you can rub onto almost any surface and create a beautiful painted finish.

Hot glue and a Glue gun- This is for gluing the appliqués on after the paint dries.

1. Wipe down your mirror well and prep a space to paint your appliqués and mirror.

Steps for making a DIY Anthropologie Mirror

2. Use rub ‘n buff to paint the appliqués and mirror.

3. Allow the paint to dry- This shouldn’t take very long. The paint dries fairly quickly.

4. Glue the Appliqués onto the mirror- Using hot glue, adhere the decorative pieces onto the mirror.

How do you keep paint off of the mirror surface?

If you are worried about keeping paint off of the mirror surface, use blue painter’s tape prior to painting.

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