Easy Dinner Ideas: What We Eat in a Week

Easy Dinner Ideas: What We Eat in a Week


Here you can find several tried and true easy dinner ideas for your family can eat in a week. Many of us are taking our kids to their evening events, which means we need to have simple, healthy meals that don’t take a ton of time to make.

What Makes for an Easy Dinner?

One requirement is that it doesn’t require tons of ingredients and it turns out delicious every time. These meals need to be unfussy, but packed full of flavor! What makes an easy weeknight dinner even better is if it’s a one pot meal. That means it is simple to throw together and it minimizes the number of dishes that need to be cleaned!.

What Makes a Meal Good for a Family?

I always judge a meal based on whether my kids will enjoy the meal, or put up a fight. Most weeknight meals have a meat, veggie, and starch of some sort. When you have these three elements, you know that your kids get the vitamins and minerals they need, but also won’t be hungry in an hour.

Prepping Easy Weeknight Dinners


As  life gets busier, the need for make ahead dinners becomes more important. I find that afternoons are the best time for me to prep dinners. During the school year, I can’t feed my family meals that have to be prepared last minute. My schedule requires that I be able to make these dinners ahead of time and have them ready when we walk in the door from our activities.

Ways to Make Mealtime Easier

1. Meal plan. 2. Order or Buy Groceries- I shop once and get everything I need for the week. 3. Make double and freeze some. 4. Pull out meat at the beginning of the week.


1. Chicken noodle soup 2. Goulash 3. Chicken pot pie 4. Street tacos 5. Homemade pizza 6. Homemade taquitos Links to the recipes are on the blog.

A Few Easy Dinner Ideas

As my kids have gotten older, dinner times seem to change. We used to always have slow evenings around the table, but these days we have to be more intentional. Busy evenings also means that I have had to be better about meal planning and creating recipes that are simple, yet nourishing.

Easy Dinner Ideas Require Planning

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