A Day In The Life- Evening Routine

Today, I’m going to share our evening routine with you. Evenings are such a sweet time around here. We eat together, play together, read together, and put the entire house to bed.

Once three o’clock rolls around, I consider the evening to be underway. I know it is still the afternoon, but all of our evening prep begins around 3.

Our Evening Routine

Supper is around 5:30 at our house. We gather at the table and eat whatever I’ve cooked that night.


Once supper is over, we all have our own chores to get the kitchen tidied up for the night.

Family Time Evening Routine

Once the kitchen is clean, we have family time. Depending on the evening, we might take a side-by-side ride, a family walk, or go fishing at our local lake.

Around 7:15, the kids go in to bathe and get jammied up. This is one of those areas that I no longer have to help with.

Bath Time

Every night, we sit down together as a family and Mark reads the bible to us.

Family Discipleship Time Evening Routine


Mark and I tuck in each kiddo at 8 o’clock. The little girls go to bed once we turn the lights out.

At 9 o’clock, the older kids have to turn their lights out.

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