Greenstalk vertical garden for organic gardening

What is a vertical garden?

A garden that is grown vertically, instead of on the ground. Vertical gardens make great use of a small space!

Saves space Reduces disease on plants Creates privacy Easy to harvest produce

Benefits of Vertical Gardens

GreenStalk has a patented watering system that ensures each level of the vertical planter gets the perfect amount of water. You can grow a lot of plants in a small area with the GreenStalk.

Why choose Greenstalk?

You can grow both large and small plants in the GreenStalk. Plant large plants on the bottom levels and save the top levels for the smaller plants and herbs.

What to grow Vertically

GreenStalk has planters that are 5 tiers and others that are 3 tiers. If you want a large harvest, get the 5 tiered planter. If you are wanting a modest amount of food/flowers, get the 3 tier planter. Both are amazing.

Types of GreenStalk

Yes! You can grow large plants, such as tomatoes in your vertical planter. Plant them on the bottom and use the support system that is available at GreenStalk to support heavy stalks.

Can you grow tomatoes?

Fill each tier with high quality potting soil. Plant your seeds in the individual pockets of the GreenStalk. Stack the layers with their water reservoirs. Water the top water reservoir and allow the water to trickle to each tier.

How does Greenstalk work