How To Create A Homeschool Morning Basket

I’m going to share some of the main pieces of morning baskets. It’s such a sweet time to all be gathered together with a basket full of goodies and work through it all at a family unit.

The entire concept of the morning basket (which doesn’t have to be in a basket, by the way) came from the Charlotte Mason Method of education.

What is a Morning Basket?

Before the main school time begins, you will gather your kiddos and sit with them to go through your morning items.

How do you Morning Basket time?

What are the benefits to the Morning Basket?

It’s a time to learn with everyone together.

This time allows a conversation to happen amongst the kids.

Basket time works for any homeschool style.

This is a time to read rich, beneficial books that teach our children in the process. They soak up so much of what they hear, so make what they hear be excellent language.



Memorization is a big part of morning basket time. You can challenge your kids with as much, or as little, memorization work as you see fit.

This is the most important part of morning basket time for our family. It wasn’t anything intense. We would sit down and read through a section or book of the bible together.

Bible Time

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