How to Install Vertical Shiplap in Kitchen

When we moved into this home, the kitchen was the one area (besides updating the walls to the best interior white paint colors) that needed some TLC

If you use the proper prep and paint for your shiplap backsplash, you should be fine installing it as your kitchen backsplash.

Can you put shiplap in a kitchen?

Most shiplap options will be fine when used as a backsplash as long as you prep and paint them appropriately.

Picking out Vertical Shiplap for your Kitchen Backsplash

Sand each board using an orbital sander and 120 grit sandpaper. Be sure to sand in circular motions going with the grain of the board. Take this time to get out as many dings in the board.

Preparing the shiplap boards for installation

Jig Saw- for cutting out openings, such as outlets Nail gun- this is used to nail the boards to the wall

Tools for installing shiplap backsplash

– Shiplap boards – Paint and Primer – Paint roller and brush – Caulking for the gap between the boards and the counter – Nails for nail gun

Supplies for shiplap backsplash

Removed upper cabinets, glued on tile (which tore off most of our sheetrock), and a 90’s desk area. This left quite a mess for us to clean up.

Step 1: Remove backsplash and any cabinetry