School Morning Day in the Life

Most of my mornings are spent doing school with the kids, outside of the summer months. Our mornings have a certain rhythm to them that I come to look forward to after a relaxing summer. Today, I’m sharing a school morning day in the life.

A few weeks before school starts, I always prepare myself .for what’s ahead. My goal is always to be up by 5. It seems like that is the sweet spot where I have time to sit and enjoy my coffee while I read and prepare for the day. My kids will come down around seven.

Our Mornings Begin

Most of you know this already, but I wake and read my bible before the kids arise for the day. Five o’clock is a good goal for me, although I often times with I would get up even earlier. I sit on my couch with my hot coffee and read a Proverb or Psalm. Prayer follows that and then a little work on my computer.

Breakfast Time

Breakfast time has long been one of my most fond childhood memories. I have visions of my mother preparing my breakfast while I sit at the counter and waiting patiently seared into my memory. Our home is boisterous and busy from time to time, but there are always pockets of peace and quiet woven throughout. When breakfast being served, a diffuser blowing something yummy, and music softly playing.

Once breakfast is over, the kids get ready for the day. From 7:30 until 8, the kids do their personal chores to make sure they are prepared for school. There is always time from 8 o’clock until 8:20 for the kids to go outside and burn some energy. Then they take their vitamins and pull out their school baskets.

Prepare for the Day- Before School

Our school days tend to flow the same from day to day. Having a consistent routine helps us move along with fewer bumps in the road. When they were younger, it was easier to set our curriculum before us and slowly work through it as we wanted. I have created a  schedule to make sure each child stays on  task

School Morning Routine

Finishing up the Day

We keep lunch simple here. If there are leftovers, I will try to get that warming up ahead of time so it’s fresh-ish for lunch. Otherwise, we do sandwiches or charcuterie boards. Then we finish up any school work that is left. People ask how I get everything done and have time to work in the afternoon and that’s how. They still have some work to do in the afternoon, but I’ve completed my work by the time lunch is over

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