12 Old World Interior Design Tips

Get all of the tips for creating that charming Old World Interior design with just a few simple items. The layered European aesthetic is cozy and layered, weaving in so many timeless design elements.

So many trends come and go, leaving you with an outdated home that requires lots of monetary input to bring back into style. One way I like to remedy that is to bring in old world elements that create a layered look that is timeless.

What is Old World Interior Design?

This decor style is made up of many staple design elements that don’t waver when it comes to the trends. Much of the design comes from centuries ago and can be traced back to homes found on the French countryside or in English cottages.


How to incorporate Old World Design elements

The best part about sticking to an old world design, oftentimes called European interior design, is that you can add in more modern trends and still have a good foundational design. You choose. classic style and add to it things that are in vogue here and there.

Layered Rugs in European Design Wall Sconces for Old World Interiors Velvet Sofas and Pillows Textiles and Patterns in Old World Design Open Kitchen Shelving Wicker Baskets and Furniture Artwork and Old World Design

What are some of those European design elements that give a nod to old world design?

What are Some Other Old  World Design Tips?

Old World Rustic Elements Adding in Antiques for Interiors Natural Wood Tones Layering in Plants

European Design in the Kitchen

Many old world kitchens featuring European design have an “unfitted” kitchen. This simply means you don’t have a bunch of countertops and cabinetry attached to the walls. Everything is free to move about the room as needed. Bring in old world charm with your appliances and add shiplap.

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