How To Organize Kid’s Clothes Seasonally

When new seasons come, it’s always exciting to have a change in scenery, weather, and clothing. The hard part can be finding time and space to shift your wardrobe with the seasons.

Sorting clothes takes the most time and it is where you begin. In my opinion, you must be pretty laser focused to keep this part from trudging on and taking up your entire day.

Sorting Clothes

I have found a simple way to keep their drawers and closets from overflowing with clothes, but also have things I might need to pull out for them within reach.

Organizing Kid’s Clothes

For last season’s clothes that still fit my kiddo, I put them in a tote and store it in their closet.

1. Keep Clothes for the Next Season Stored in their Bedroom

I store those clothes in a tote in the basement until the younger girls are big enough to fit in them.

2. What do you do with clothes that will be passed on to other kids?

Most of my babies lived in sleepers, so I kept the nice, gender-neutral sleepers for the next baby. I would keep a few outfits that I loved and the rest was taken out of the house.

Baby Clothes Storage

The best way to store clothes, in my opinion, is with clear storage totes.

Keeping Stored Clothes Organized

Having the totes labeled makes it so easy to grab what you need as you need it.