Simple and Cute Outfit Ideas for Church

Every Sunday, we load up and head to church. It has been the biggest part of our lives for decades now. Today, I’m going to share some simple and cute outfit ideas for church.

The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is to have pieces that you love and can wear without much thought.

Capsule Church Outfits

Depending on how you want to present yourself, there are several capsule outfit ideas for church that you can put together.

Capsule Outfit Ideas for Church

Dress or Sundress Nice denim and a Blouse Skirt with a Fitted Top and a Denim Jacket

My staple choices for church outfits are:

Whether it be the maxi dress from a decade ago, baby doll dresses, or the current peasant dress trend, these are worth adding to your closet in small amounts.

Trendy Church Outfit Ideas

Pair your denim with a nice blouse and jewelry to give your look a bit more impact.

Casual Church Outfit ideas

You might need a few other pairs to round out your shoe closet, but you only need to invest in a couple of pairs that will last.

Nice Shoes for a Church Outfit Capsule


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