Simple Ways to Prepare for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas is a time of fun and festivities for some and a time of stress for others. I tend to err on the side of fun and festive. I love this time of the year and all of the anticipation that is wrapped up in it, but I also keep it simple. Today, I’m sharing simple ways to prepare for Christmas.

Preparing for Christmas with Lists

-One of the best tips for creating a simple Christmas bedroom is to make sure your room is still functional. -Create a room that you want to wake up to and also a room that will allow you to rest when it’s time.

A few of my lists are: -Gift ideas -Christmas Festivity Dates -Baked goods and meals I will need to plan for -People to take Christmas Cookies to -Gifts I’ve ordered or bought Clothes I need to have for the kids for church, parties, etc.

Preparing Gift Ideas for Christmas

My goal is to have my list of gifts jotted down by November 1st. I typically start shopping in November. We do 3-4 gifts for each child, plus their stocking. They get one “larger” item, a clothing item, a creative item, and a book item. I keep things simple, but fun.

The calendar can fill up very quickly during November and December. Getting engagements on the schedule now helps when other things pop up. You will have a good handle on how full your season is and will be able to say “no” if things are getting too full.

Preparing your Christmas Calendar

We have family gatherings, our personal family meal traditions, baked goods to take to neighbors and people at Mark’s work, and a yearly meal that we have with friends. I try to prepare my menus and gather the recipes so that I am prepared and not frazzled.

Preparing Food for Christmas

-Make a list of all food items -Gather Recipes -Make grocery lists -Make food ahead

Ways I prepare Food for Christmas

Buying “Extras” Ahead of Time: -If you know there will little things you will need, buy that stuff ahead of time and tuck it away. -Things that come to mind are Christmas napkins, boxes for cookie deliveries, wrapping paper and stuffing paper.

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