Spring Cleaning your sheets

As winter turns into spring, we all need some new bedding to make our space feel fresh and ready for spring. Whether you purchase new bedding or use spring sheets from another year, make sure you launder them.

If you need new sheets, make sure you choose the best sheets for your needs.  Swipe up to learn more about choosing sheets.

How to Choose New Sheets

- Cotton - Flannel - Percale - Silks - Linen Find out what's best for spring!

Types of Bed Sheets

It is good practice and will give you a better night’s sleep while removing harmful chemicals. During the manufacturing process chemicals and additives are often used to process the bedding. It’s always a good idea to give new bedding a quick wash before using.

Should You Wash New Sheets?

Wash your sheets for the first time using 1 cup of baking soda. Use warm water or cold water and give your new sheets a wash with baking soda. This helps clean your new sheets and even works great on older sheets! Get other tips in the blog post!

How to Wash New Sheets

How often you should wash your sheets is a personal preference, but washing bed linens weekly is the most acceptable practice.

How Often Should you Wash Sheets?

1. Fold the fitted sheet in half, width-wise, tucking the corners into one another. 2. Fold the sheet in half, length-wise, tucking the corners into one another, again. 3. Flatten and press the sheet with your hands to eliminate any bumps or wrinkles. 4. Fold until it is the size you are wanting.

How to Fold Fitted Sheets