Tips for the First Day of Homeschool

We are gearing up to start a new year of homeschooling and it catches me by surprise every year. Here we are, again. I’m going to walk you through our first day of homeschool and what it looks like for use to embark on a new homeschool year!

The first day of homeschool is the culmination of so many things. The planning started last February as I assessed what needed to change and I began digging into curriculums. I order all of our educational supplies in April.

Planning a new year

When does school year prep begin? When July swoops in with a vengeance, I am forced to begin the actual planning of our year. I work on schedules and routines and prepare the school room for a new year.

The night before first day of homeschool preparation

The night before the first day of school we tuck the kids into bed around 8pm. I give the older kids permission to read until 8:30, but the little girls have the lights off so they can go to sleep. I have the kids lay out their school clothes the night before so they can get ready easily the next morning. set out their school baskets that have all of their new school supplies in them on the table I often set out snacks by their baskets. Their new school supplies will be in their school boxes.

It’s important that I rise early so I can be ready to welcome the kids and show them how excited I am to begin another year of homeschool with them. I rise before their breakfast time and read my bible. I pray over our year and focus on the weight of what’s ahead. Around 6:30 am, I will start breakfast.

Early morning before kids wake

First day of school pictures are some of my very favorite. I look back on years past and it makes me tear up. I cannot believe how fast time flies. The cliché is quite true, mamas. We do a group photo and individual photos of each kiddo. Once school pictures are done, I send the kids upstairs, do last minute prep in the school room, and then holler at them to come and explore their new materials. I snap pictures and take a video of them running into the room.

First Day of School Pictures

Walk Through School Schedule and Answer Questions

We look at the schedule together and go over the kids’ assignment sheets. I explain which subjects the kids will do independently and which subjects we will do together. I lay down boundaries for their school books and supplies. For the first day of school, or several weeks, honestly, the kids do a partial day of school. We don’t jump in and drown ourselves in every subject on the schedule.

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