Best Faux Greenery for Christmas

In days past, artificial greens for Christmas looked quite… artificial.  These days, the technology and standards have gone way up and there are now some great faux options.

Pros and Cons of Real vs Faux Greenery

- Money - Reusablility - Storage - Smell and Look

Faux Options

- Hobby Lobby - Anthropologie - Terrain - Balsam Hill

- Realistic Needles - Realistic Shape - Realistic Size

Realistic faux trees

They are fake, they won’t smell like the forest, and they will look plastic-like up close. BUT, they will layer beautifully with other decor, they will last, and they will look real from a short distance.

How to find Faux Cedar Garland

– Allow garlands to droop and hang. – Layer your garlands to give variety. Use different types of garlands and weave them into one so that you have a fuller, eclectic look. – Add in a few sprigs of real greens from your yard.

Simple Ways to make Faux Greenery look Real

– Velvet ribbon is a great addition to fill out and add texture to your garlands. Velvet has a way of elevating everything. – Avoid trying to make it look too perfect. Allow your greens to be more “natural” and not so perfect.

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