Best Tips for Deep Pantry Organization

I’m sharing the best tips for deep pantry organization, but these tips will also work for any pantry organization.

You can keep your kitchen spotless and then open the pantry and feel like all is lost… literally, things can get lost in there.

Messy Pantry Frustrations

The best place to begin to organize your pantry is with removing everything all of the items from your pantry.

How to Begin to Organize your Kitchen Pantry

Remove everything from your pantry– Take everything out and place it on your counter or kitchen table.

Steps for Organizing a Pantry with Deep Shelves

Label things to help other family members to keep things tidy.

Tops Tips for Organizing your Pantry

Put items closer to expiration in the front.

Get organizational baskets and containers to help you.

If your space is limited, optimize it by using hanging shelves on the door.

Put heavy items on lower shelves and lighter items on the top shelf.

Bins and Baskets for deep shelves– These are great for keeping seasoning packets, small packages of snacks, and stocked spices in.

Tools for Organization Deep Pantry Shelves