Best Tips for Deep Pantry Organization

Our kitchen is the hub of our home, which means the pantry needs to be clean and efficient. I’m sharing the best tips for deep pantry organization, but these tips will also work for any pantry organization.

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Do you have an area, or cabinet, of you home that tends to get messier faster than any other area?

The pantry and our laundry room are those target areas for my home.

The laundry room is, mostly, used by me. I try to keep that under wraps by tending to it during my normal laundry routine.

A pantry is a different animal because I am not the only one accessing the space.

Everyone in the home has their hand in the pantry throughout the day, so it can get quite messy very quickly.

Let’s tackle your pantry together, shall we? But first, you can take a look at mine and feel better about your own pantry.

deep pantry shelves that are messy

Messy Pantry Frustrations

There are many frustrations that come with unorganized spaces.

Having a simple house cleaning schedule can help with that, but what about unseen spaces, such as a pantry?

You can keep your kitchen spotless and then open the pantry and feel like all is lost… literally, things can get lost in there.

It is especially important to keep things organized if you have a prepared pantry in your kitchen or home.

Sometimes, it is helpful to list the reasons you want to clean something in order to help motivate you to get a job done.

Here are a few frustrations that you might experience from having a messy pantry, I know these ring true for me.

  • Lots of crumbs on the shelves
  • Opened boxes of cereal and crackers
  • Food goes to waste because you don’t see it in the back and buy new before using the old food
  • You have a hard time finding things you know are in the deep pantry because it is a mess
  • It makes it hard to find a place for new groceries when the pantry is disheveled
a messy pantry in a white kitchen

How to Begin to Organize your Kitchen Pantry

Beginning a process can be the hardest step because you know that the mess will get worse before it gets better.

The best place to begin to organize your pantry is with removing everything all of the items from your pantry.

Then, you can clean the pantry and add things back in an orderly fashion.

piles of groceries on a wooden kitchen table

Steps for Organizing a Pantry with Deep Shelves

  1. Remove everything from your pantry– Take everything out and place it on your counter or kitchen table.
  2. Clean the shelves– Vacuum out the crumbs and wipe the dust with a rag.
  3. Categorize what is in your pantry- Create categories for your items so you can put them back in an organized fashion.
  4. Wipe down your pantry items– Before putting them back in the pantry, wipe down your goods so your pantry feels spotless when you’re done.
  5. Create zones in your pantry for similar items– canned goods, snacks, breakfast items, spices, etc. Zones can be easily established by using organizational tools to keep things in place.
  6. Keep regularly used items where they can be accessed easily– Things that are used on a daily basis need to be in the front of the shelf and at eye level so they are easy to get. Other, less used, items can be positioned in the back of the shelf or where they aren’t as easy to get to since they aren’t used as often.
pantry drawers with crumbs on them.

Tops Tips for Organizing your Pantry

  1. Label things to help other family members to keep things tidy
  2. Put items closer to expiration in the front
  3. Get organizational baskets and containers to help you
  4. If you’re space is limited, optimize it by using hanging shelves on the door
  5. Put heavy items on lower shelves and lighter items on the top shelf
  6. Place tall things in the back and keep shorter items in the front
  7. Make sure your pantry helps you stay efficient in the kitchen
organizational tools for pantry organization on a kitchen table

Tools for Organization Deep Pantry Shelves

  • Bins and Baskets for deep shelves– These are great for keeping seasoning packets, small packages of snacks, and stocked spices in.
  • Best Lazy Susan’s for Pantry Organization– The turntable is a great way to keep things easily accessible.
  • Door Storage for Pantry Door– Don’t forget that valuable space between the door and shelf of your pantry. You can house small items and even canned goods here.
  • Containers that work well for Deep Pantries– Having clear containers makes deep pantry organization much easier.
  • Simple Shelves for Pantry Storage– Shelves are important for deep pantries that have shelves because you can stack items and see what is in the back of your pantry.
  • Label Maker for your Pantry items– Labels help you and your family keep things tidy.
  • Pull out drawers If you have a super deep pantry, installing pull out drawers can be a huge help so you can easily get to those items in the back.
a clean and tidy pantry shelf

DIY Tips for Deep Pantry Organization

  1. Repurpose Mason Jars for food storage- beans, rice, cereal, popcorn
  2. Old Wooden Crates– These work great to add levels to your shelving. Turn old wooden boxes or crates on their side and stack small items, such as canned goods or spices, on top to add another level in your pantry.
canned goods on a pantry shelf

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maximize deep shelves?

To maximize deep pantry shelves, put tall items in the back and shorter items in the front. Always add newer items to the back of the pantry so your older items get used before they expire. Consider adding shelves to give height to those items in the back, making them more visible.

What is an easy solution for managing deep pantry shelves?

A quick solution for deep shelving is to add deep pantry pull out shelves. These drawers make it easy to access the items in the back of the pantry. You may also get simple storage solutions to help with pantry organization.

How do you organize a deep corner pantry?

The best way to keep a deep corner pantry organized is by adding a lazy susan to the cabinet. This simple organizational tool allows you to easily access anything in your corner pantry.

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There are checklists, tips for preventing overwhelm, and encouragement to help you get started and feel successful.

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