How to cook Pasta al Denté

Pasta is one of the easiest dishes to perfect and a great starting point for any at home cook. With a few tried and true tips, you’ll have the perfect al dente pasta dishes on the table in no time!

Pasta requires only a few things- space, boiling water, and salt. The most important thing when cooking pasta, though, is to cook it until al dente.

What is the best way to cook pasta?

Most pasta packages list the recommended cooking time for getting al dente pasta. A good rule of thumb is to turn off the heat and strain it 1 to 2 minutes before the recommended time.

How to cook perfect al dente pasta

Prep Time: 5 MIN

Cook Time: 10 mins


-pasta -boiling water -sea salt

Simple steps for making Pasta 

1. Boil Water 2. Add 2 tbsp salt 3. Bring to boing again 4. Add pasta and cook

The easiest way to know if your pasta is ready is to take a bite. The outside will be soft, but the middle of the pasta will still have a little resistance.

No matter what type of pasta dish you are cooking, a pasta with some structure will toss and be coated with creamy sauces better. If you have al dente pasta, it still has the ability to soak up the sauce and the flavors of the sauce, making the pasta dish even tastier.

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