Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

I wanted to share a few thoughts on creating lovely spaces for our kids without breaking the bank and how to put together a shared little girl’s bedroom.

It may seem boring, but the best place to start with a little girl’s bedroom is:

Where to start with a Little Girl Bedroom

Paint on the walls- pick a color that can be versatile, such as white walls.

There are a few main styles that are trending right now. I like incorporating bits of these while sticking with basics for the expensive items.

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas

Adding a chair and bookcase is a quick way to create some charm to a bedroom without spending a ton.

Reading Nook

Whether you add a corkboard for your kiddo to hang her photos, or you grab some unique artwork for her room, this piece is what makes a room special.

Creative Artwork

Pillows are an area that you can afford to be trendy with.

Trendy Pillows

Add color and style with throw pillows.

Muted colors allow for flexibility with decor. You can swap out pillows or decor without changing the entire look of the room when the color palette is simple.

Simple Color Palette