Simple spring cleaning tips

Have a plan and do little things every day to stay on top of your spring cleaning.

Tip 1: Be Efficient

Cleaning top to bottom keeps you from having to go back and clean things you've already tidied.  This tip is great as you prepare for spring cleaning.

Tip 2: Clean top to bottom

Start with the cleanest areas and move on to the dirty areas.  Swipe up to learn why this is an important step!

Tip 3: Clean to dirty

If you are a mama, train those kids to help you. Learn how to encourage your children to clean in a way that will make them want to help!

Tip 4: Train your Kiddos

Keeping cleaning supplies pared down and simple is essential for simple house cleaning. It also makes storing cleaning supplies a cinch!

Tip 5: Keep it simple

Learn how to create a good cleaning routine and how to manage a home simply.

Tip 6: Create a good routine