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Simple Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor

Today, I’m sharing simple ways to make your Christmas bedroom decor cozy and festive. Our bedrooms are, usually, the first rooms I decorate when it’s time to get the house decked out for Christmas and today I’m sharing a few things I do to create a festive space.

Simple Christmas Bedroom

-One of the best tips for creating a simple Christmas bedroom is to make sure your room is still functional. -Create a room that you want to wake up to and also a room that will allow you to rest when it’s time.

Christmas Room Decor that is Cozy

-I’m all about having a cozy minimalist bedroom and that doesn’t change at Christmastime. -Cozy requires a few simple changes to what you already have to elevate it a notch. -When it’s cold outside and snowy, we want to feel warmth when we walk into our rooms.

-The easiest way to take your room from fall into Christmas is with the bedding.  -All it does is add a festive touch that is welcomed during the holiday season.

Christmas Bedroom Bedding

Depending on your budget, you can add simple throw pillows to your existing bedding. I prefer to buy high quality pillow covers and down pillow inserts so that I can easily switch out pillow covers with the seasons.

Throw Pillows

If you want to take it a step further, switch out your cotton sheets for some Christmas flannel sheets. Having cozy, Christmas sheets has been such a treat and I wish I would’ve made the leap sooner.

Christmas Flannel Sheets

Christmas Lights in a Bedroom: -Flameless Candles -Twinle Lights

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