How to store sourdough bread

As an avid bread baker, I have noticed that storing my bread the correct way helps to preserve each loaf. Here are several quick tips and tricks for storing bread so that it lasts.

How you store it depends on several environmental details, such as the humidity levels in your home.

How do you store sourdough bread for a longer shelf life?

Depending on how you store your bread, it can last from 4 days to a few weeks.

How long does a loaf of sourdough bread stay fresh?

You can leave a whole loaf that hasn’t been sliced in a paper bag, cloth bag, linen bread bag, or clean tea towel on the counter for two days.

Short term storage for fresh sourdough bread

For a whole loaf that hasn’t been sliced, wrap it in cling wrap and store it in the freezer in a freezer ziplock bag for up to two weeks.

Long Term storage for a sourdough loaf

Store bread in the Microwave– The microwave keeps the bread at a constant temperature and prevents excess air from drying out the bread.

Other Ways to store sourdough bread

When the bread loses all of its moisture it will go stale.

What causes bread to go stale?