How to Clean Quartz Countertops

Countertops are a huge investment, especially when you are going with something like quartz. It is important to know the tips and tricks for your quartz and how to clean your quartz countertops.

white quartz counters with green plants and cleaning products

Several years ago, we added a row of cabinets and countertops to an alcove in our dining room.

When I was looking for countertops, I knew I wanted quartz because they are beautiful and fairly easy to care for.

While quartz is a great choice for any area in your home, they are also quite expensive.

If you spend that kind of money on countertops, you want to make sure you care for them as best as possible.

Let’s get into some simple cleaning tips for caring for your quartz and how to clean your quartz countertops.

white quartz counters with green plants

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

There are many benefits for choosing quartz counters for your home.

Some of the more important pros for quartz are:

  • Durability- They are a very hard surface, so they are great for any area in your home.
  • Cleanability- Since quartz isn’t porous, it is easy to clean and keep free from bacteria.
  • Coloring- This is one of the main reasons I love quartz. The color of the surface is so uniform and you can get solid colors without much trouble with color variation.
  • Sanitary- Since they don’t absorb bacteria, they remain sanitary after being wiped down.
spray bottle and rag on a white counter top

What cleaning products are safe for quartz?

Since these countertops aren’t porous, cleaning is simple and requires regular household supplies.

You can use most cleaning supplies that are gentle cleansers.

For most cleaning, simply use a mild dish soap and warm water.

I routinely use Thieves Household cleaning concentrate on my quartz countertops.

What cleaning products aren’t safe for quartz?

When cleaning your quartz, you want to avoid anything that is at the far end of the pH scale.

Highly acidic and alkaline products, such as vinegar or nail polish remover, will damage the surface layer of your quartz and encourage staining.

white quartz counters with green plants and cleaning products

Tips for cleaning your Quartz Countertops

While quartz is a fairly easy to maintain counter, there are a few tips for cleaning that can be helpful.

For the most part, you will be able to clean your quartz as you would any other countertop.

  • Daily Cleaning and Disinfecting- Daily cleaning is key in maintaining the beauty of your quartz counters. This doesn’t have to be intense cleaning, but wiping it down with a mild cleaner and rag will help keep your quartz sparkling.
  • Microfiber Rags- I have been a huge fan of microfiber rags for years. These rags are great for wiping down and keeping your quartz clean. They are gentle, but effective at wiping up spills and gunk.
  • Plastic Scrapers- Years ago, I got plastic scrapers in a Pampered Chef order. They have been moved from house to house with us because they are so effective at scraping up stuck on food on counters. These scrapers are great for cleaning your quartz, too.
  • Clean Spill Immediately- While quartz is durable and doesn’t absorb much, if you leave spills on the counter a stain can begin to set in. As with all things, the best bet is to clean up spills quickly.
white quartz counters with a green plant and olive oil

How do you keep quartz countertops shiny?

If you want to keep your quartz extra shiny, make a shine solution with a few basic ingredients.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with warm water
  2. Add 2-3 drops of milk dish soap to the bottle
  3. Give the solution a gentle shake to mix the soap and water
  4. Spray on your quartz and wipe clean with a rag

Do this daily to keep your quartz countertops shiny.

Bar Keepers Friend is also a good cleaner to use on your quartz to keep them shiny.

Bar Keepers Friend is made for smooth surfaces and can be used daily.

white quartz counters with green plants and cleaning products

What should you not use on quartz countertops?

  • Scouring pads or highly abrasive scrubbers
  • High pH cleaners
  • Knives- use a cutting board on quartz counters
  • Permanent markers
  • Strong Solvents
  • Extreme heat- While quartz is heat resistant, it cannot withstand high heat above 300°F, so use a hot pad.

Is Magic Eraser safe for quartz?

We have all grabbed a box of those magic erasers and used them to scrub off stains and marks in our home.

They are also fine to use on your countertops. Be sure to wipe away any residue left after using the magic eraser on your counters.

white quartz counters with green plants

Most common mistakes with caring for quartz countertops

Quartz is an easy surface to maintain and there are some mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Allowing stains to sit- As covered above, be sure to wipe up spills as soon as possible to prevent staining.
  2. Using a harsh cleaner- While it is durable, it isn’t indestructible. Be sure to use a gentle cleaner on your counters.
  3. Don’t use an abrasive cleanser- Whether it be a cleanser or scrubbing tool, be sure not to use anything abrasive so you don’t scratch the surface.
  4. Avoid accidentally setting a hot pan on the counter- These counters can withstand a bit of heat, but use a heat pad to avoid scarring your counters permanently.
  5. No knives on the counter- These counters do not age well with lots of scratches and slices cut into them, so use a cutting board to keep them smooth.
spray bottle with a rag and bar keepers friend

How to remove tough stains from your quartz countertops

Every at home cook has messy spills or stuck on food that finds their way into our kitchen.

If you have quartz in your kitchen, here are a couple of great tips for removing tough stains from your counters.

Depending on your stain, you will need either a gentle cleaners or something to remove sticky messes.

  • For most stains, use a gentle cleanser, such as Bar Keepers Friend to scrub away the mess.
  • If you have a hard, stuck on stain, try a solution like Goo Gone to really lift the stain off of your counter.
  • Isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber rag may also be used to wipe up any stubborn stains. Get your rag damp with the alcohol and scrub the stain. Wipe clean with warm water after the stain has been lifted.

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