13 Tips to Get Through Winter as a Homemaker

Winter is a restful time where we turn into our homes for a season, but it is also a long season and, for some people, a very gray stretch of the year. I am going to share 13 tips to get through the winter as a homemaker.

bedroom with candles burning and red and white bedding

Here you are, the festive Christmas season is over and now you have the long stretch of winter to get through before those first buds of spring begin to emerge.

In some areas, the winter is mild and you can still enjoy the sunshine and some green foliage.

For those who live in cold, long winter climates, it can feel like a long haul to get to the other side.

I didn’t use to have winter blues when I was young, but I have found that the month of February seems to be the longest month of the year in regards to winter blues.

All of the gatherings have been done, the trees are barren, the winds are brisk, and spring is still months away.

There are a couple of things that I have done over the years to encourage safe passage, so to speak, from New Years to those first blooms.

embroidered bird on a white blanket with a cup of coffee in a hand

Work with your hands

One of the best things to do when there’s no place to go and you are fighting those winter blues is to work with your hands.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to take up? Knitting? Crocheting? Embroidery?

Several years ago, I purchased a sweet embroidery kit and spent my spare time working on that project.

It now hangs in my daughter’s room and she adores looking at it.

I had never embroidered before, but I have the fondest memories of being on the sofa or my bed stitching away as the days passed.

cook looking at a cookbook and stirring on the stove

Get a new Cookbook

Winter is a perfect time to grab a new cookbook and thumb through it.

You can even borrow one from the library and spend a week planning your menu from the cookbook. Then, the next week you will be prepared to work your way through a few of those recipes.

It seems like winter offers so much, if we just look for the opportunities.

Elevating your cooking, or sharpening a kitchen skill, during the cold months is a great way to pass the time.

sourdough bread sliced and laying on a platter

Learn to make homemade bread

Comfort food, such as my homemade no fail bread, is a great past time to take hold of about this time.

If you’re a homemaker like me, you have time to prep what you need to make a successful loaf of bread.

Then, you can decide if you want to save it to pair along side an easy weeknight dinner idea or warm it up with butter and honey for snack time. 😊

batter in a glass bowl on a digital kitchen scale

Learn to use Dry Sourdough Starter

I had wanted to learn to bake with sourdough for years and years. Spring of 2020 gave me to boost I needed to start my sourdough journey and I haven’t looked back.

There’s no better time to dip your toes into making a sourdough starter than now.

Even better, you need to take that starter once it is established and turn it into a dry sourdough starter that takes up a tiny bit of space in your refrigerator and requires no feedings!

I didn’t realize how much I needed a dry sourdough starter, but it has revolutionized how I make sourdough bread and other sourdough food.

If you need some easy sourdough recipes to dip your toes into with your sourdough starter, check out my sourdough pumpkin bread, sourdough french toast, and sourdough italian croutons.

Those are all great beginner recipes to get started with.

salsa, tomato sauce, and wooden spoons in a kitchen

Work on your Prepared Kitchen

Now is a great time to make a list of some things you use on a regular basis that you could stock up on.

Having a prepared kitchen isn’t about filling your basement with toilet paper, but rather having things you need on hand in case you can’t make it to the store.

This time last year, there was a huge snow and ice storm that prevented many people from getting the store bought goods they needed.

Having a few extras on hand helps in case those times happen again.

books on a wooden nightstand

Read a Classic Book

Even if you’re not a big reader, working through a classic book can be enjoyable while you are sitting in front of the fire.

Jane Austen books have been my book of choice the past few years at the recommendation of a friend.

I would read a book and then watch the production on the television as a treat for making it all of the way through the book.

I’m not a reader and I ended up loving all of the books I read through.

black fireplace with candles lit around it in a white living room

Add Cozy Lighting to your home

As a homemaker, you spend your days putzing around your home.

Adding in cozy lighting, like I shared in my cozy kitchen tips, cozy minimalist bedroom, and cozy living room posts can make all of the difference.

The lighting can take a room from sterile and harsh to hygge in no time.

Organize your home

Make a list of some areas in your home that need attention and get those spaces tidy and organized.

You will keep yourself busy, feel accomplished, and check things off of your list.

Not to mention your home will be in a better condition once those nicer months do roll around.

A few areas to think about organizing might be:

  • Under your sinks
  • Closets and dressers
  • Overhead lighting and ceiling fans
  • Pantry and overflow food areas
  • Homeschool room and storage spaces
  • Windows, window sills, and window treatments
woman sitting in front of space heater with tea

Enjoy the Warmth

You might be inside more and it might be gloomy outside, but this is a great time to sit by the fire and enjoy the warmth.

Winter does give you the rare opportunity to slow down and soak up each moment, even if it isn’t filled with sunshine.

If you don’t have a fireplace to light, buy yourself a vintage stove, electric fireplace to enjoy.

We have had this one for years and run it during the coldest months to keep our room from feeling frigid.

It has been such a lovely addition and adds ambiance to our bedroom space.

spray bottle on wooden table with pink rag

Set a Good Homemaker Rhythm

Maybe you love homemaking or maybe it’s a bit of a struggle. Whichever it is, winter is a great time to tidy up our rhythm.

I shared an in depth look at our simple fall cleaning schedule. It stays much the same in the winter, but it does take some tweaking to make it work for each new season.

Soak up those evening hours with your family and get into an evening routine of card games, puzzle making, and song singing.

While you’re spending most of your time indoors, grab your cookbooks and favorite recipes and begin a simple meal plan that helps your days flow smoother.

It’s amazing how a little planning can make things run so much better.

bedroom nightstand with a white swan and flowers on it

Rise Early during the Winter Months

There’s nothing to keep you up late at night like there is in the summer months that beckon you to romp around in the yard until dark.

Take the time to work on your morning routine.

I don’t always rise early in the summer, but winter helps me get back into the routine of going to bed early and rising before the sun.

It is one of my favorite parts of winter.

You get the time to prepare yourself for the day before the house wakes up.

It is refreshing to have a cup of good coffee in your system prior to whipping up that overnight oatmeal bake.

hand holding a paper white bulb

Grow Something New

I started forcing paperwhites several winters ago and it is now a yearly tradition that we all look forward to.

You sit and admire them for several weeks, wondering if they will grow.

And then one day, you can almost be sure that you saw the stem reach higher as you watched it.

They are beautiful and simple and I think everyone needs to try their hand at forcing winter paperwhite bulbs to grow.

laundry room with floral wallpaper and wicker baskets

Fine Tune your Homemaking Skills

If you find yourself to be a homemaker and you aren’t sure what you’re doing, don’t worry.

Everyone starts off wondering how to fill their days and time.

There are some really simple things that will help you be a homemaker when you don’t know how.

  • Establish a cleaning rhythm– this doesn’t have to be a strict routine, but something that ensures the most important areas are tended to
  • Get your routine for preparing for last minute guests– the big hosting season might be done, but having people pop by for a quick chat can be nice during the winter
  • Fine tune a laundry routine that works for your
wooden chair with a faux fur laying on the seat in the corner of a room

Free Decluttering Guide

If you need help with the first steps of decluttering, this guide will walk you through what you need to know, plus give you encouragement along the way!

There are free printables inside the guide to help you organize your process.

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