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It’s no secret that I love being in the kitchen and I especially love making baked goods. The entire process is quite therapeutic for me and if it weren’t for the carb count in the goodies, I’d be baking every day.

One thing that was on my bucket list for after school was finished was to make my own sourdough starter. I have been itching to get my hands into the sourdough world for so many reasons and it seemed like summer would be the perfect time. Then, the quarantine happened due to the virus and I decided to cease the moment since we were stuck at home for a month and get a head start on the sourdough starter.

I shared my process on Instagram and wanted to archive it here on the blog. It is a very simple process. The biggest hangup is that you need a lot of flour. Other than that, you are good to go! I followed the recipe from Lisa at Farmhouse on Boone. She has a ton of sourdough resources. For the ease of The Quick Journey readers, I will share the recipe below, too!

Sourdough Starter

Liz Quick
Easy Steps to making your own sourdough starter from scratch.
Prep Time 7 days


  • flour
  • water


  • Day 1: Mix 1 cup flour + 1 cup water in a glass bowl. Cover with a tea towel for 24 hours.
    Day 2- Day 5: Discard 1/2 of the mixture. Add 1 cup flour + 1 cup water. Mix and cover for 24 hours.
    Day 6- Day 7: On days 6 & 7, you will feed the starter 2 times/day (morning and night). This is the process for both the morning and evening feedings: Discard 1/2 of the mixture. Add 1 cup flour + 1 cup water. Mix and cover.
    Day 8: Your starter should be producing bubbles and should be ready to use! Enjoy!


Discard: There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest you can use the starter discard for.  
Note: Sometimes, due to individual circumstances, the starter may require an extra day, or so, of feeding before it is good and mature.  Whatever you do, don’t throw it out if the first loaf doesn’t work.  Keep feeding it and it will mature!

A few things to note, there will be liquid on top of the starter. It is called hooch and is normal. If you mix it in with the starter, it will give the sourdough a more sour flavor. If you want a milder sourdough, drain it out before feeding the starter. Another thing to know is we discard part of the mixture because if we don’t, the starter will get too large and one cup of flour won’t be enough to “feed” the beneficial bacteria. Check Pinterest for discard recipes.

Below is a quick video for you to enjoy from my IGTV. Click here to view all of my IGTVs.


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  1. Hi! I’m going to attempt to make my own starter. Is there a place that you shared your English Muffin recipe that you make with your starter? Also I saw you mentioned making pancakes with it. Does your family prefer that over the pancake recipe you shared? Thank

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