Encouragement for Mothers in a Chaotic World

When things are swirling outside our walls, what are we do to within our walls? How do we tend to our homemaking in a way that creates a calm, even though things are anything but calm? Today, I’m sharing encouragement for mothers as we navigate a chaotic world.

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There’s always been chaos in our world. Things have been going on around the globe since the beginning of time, but right now it seems very close to home.

Depending on where you live, things feel too close for comfort. So, what do we do when we want to keep calm within our home while also not having our head in the sand?

This past year has been different for all of us. Shortages and shutdowns were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new things we’ve all experienced. And, it happened at a rapid pace.

As we move forward through 2021, thing still look shaky and none of us are sure of what the future holds. There have been improvements in some areas and continued chaos in others.

What can we do to help our family tread through our days with peace while there is turmoil outside?

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Morning blessings for Mothers during Chaotic Times

Chatting about having a quiet start to your morning might seem like a broken record playing, but rising early to get your mind and heart set on truth is a huge part of staying calm in a chaotic world.

Remembering that the Lord is always in control and that we still have work to do, despite things outside our door seeming heavy, creates focus for you.

Yes, you need to be aware of what is happening so you can be prepared, but you also need to stay focused on the eternal. And to be honest, focusing on the eternal brings calm to me.

It’s true that things in this world might not always be easy, but through all circumstances, we are to lift our eyes until the hills and know where our help comes from.

Setting your eyes on that which lasts an eternity will slowly help the cares of this world to fade away and your focus can then turn inward to what you can control within your home.

Create a Routine

There’s something so comforting about a routine and daily rhythm. Even your kids will feel a sense of calm when they know how the day will flow.

It can be a flexible routine, but having benchmarks throughout your day really helps to ground our routine. Maybe you have your kids sit down and listen to a book on tape around 9 am while they doodle and eat a snack.

Or, something as simple as a simple mealtime routine can be a benchmark.

Whatever your benchmarks are, creating a routine can help bring calm to your home when things are less than calm in the world. Not only is this beneficial for the kids, but it helps you, as a mama, to not feel so out of control.

We control what happens inside our homes. We control the culture of our families, alongside our husbands. A daily rhythm helps us to know that although things seem crazy, our home is a place of (a few) constants.

Some of our benchmarks

  • Mama rising early and being prepared for the day
  • Breakfast at 7
  • Book on tape at 9
  • Outdoor play
  • Lunch at noon
  • Rest Time at 1
  • Snack at 3
  • TV show at 3:30
  • Outdoor time at 4
  • Supper at 5:30
  • Bible time at 7:30
  • Bedtime at 8
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Feeling Blessed by Motherhood in a Chaotic World

Even when things are difficult, you can focus on the good. There are blessings tucked within our days, if we just look for them

A few things to feel blessed by in regards to motherhood are:

  • little ones to hug your neck
  • bedtime kisses
  • warm food on the table, no matter how humble the meal
  • breath in your lungs
  • conversations with your children as you use the gospel to shape their hearts
  • peaceful evening chats with your husband
  • the beautiful sunrise that you saw because you rose early
  • your warm cup of coffee
  • a friend who texted to check in on you

If you look for the blessings and turn your heart towards thankfulness, joy begins to fill the home.

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Know your Worth even in a Chaotic World

Despite what you see outside, what you do within our walls is immensely important. You tending to your homemaking tasks is important and without you doing those things, everything within your home would feel like chaos, too.

You have the opportunity to help your home be a soft place to land when things seem shaky. You get to be the one to light the candle and bake the cookies for your children and husband.

The world might not think those things are important, but we know different.

It’s often the little things that make the biggest impact. You might not even notice them, but try thinking about how your home would feel if you let those little tasks go.

What if you didn’t provide a snack for kids? What if you didn’t tidy the home before your husband came home? What if you didn’t run that load of undergarments through the wash?

See, even though what you do within your home doesn’t have much impact on the outside, chaotic world, it has a very profound impact on the culture of your home.

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