12 Frugal Tips for the Homemaker

As a homemaker, we are often in charge of managing the day to day workings of the home. Here are some frugal tips to tuck away as a homemaker and save for a rainy day.

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I know being frugal isn’t always fun, but it is a blessing to those within our household.

Frugality doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the pleasures life affords you.

You just have to be a bit savvy and that in and of itself can be fun.

The world tells us to throw all caution to the wind.

That sounds exciting and alluring, but you know what’s even more exciting?

Knowing that you have managed your home well and that you have exactly what you need for today.

Let’s jump into some simple ideas for being a frugal homemaker.

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Make your own coffee

My first tip is an important one because it is how I start every single day.

I used to enjoy running into our local coffee shop (or drive through) and grabbing a drink.

That is such a special treat, but when it happens multiple times per week it can add up.

Learn to make a darn good cup of coffee at home.

Get a good french press or coffee maker and perfect your craft.

Buying the best organic coffee will help in this endeavor. If you like sweet drinks that reflect the season, make your own simple syrup like I did with my pumpkin spice latte syrup!

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Cook at Home

Are you noticing a pattern? Eating out is nice because it requires very little meal prep or planning on our part.

But, it is expensive and can quickly become a habit… ask me how I know. 😊

There are so many budget meals or easy dinner ideas that can feed an entire family for half of what you would spend eating take out.

You don’t have to be a fancy cook. Find a handful of budget meals, such as my Italian meat sauce and spaghetti, and eat them on rotation.

That takes the guess work out of cooking and ensures that you aren’t tempted to go through the drive through instead.

  • Cook from Scratch when possible
  • Cook from home
  • Make use of leftovers so food doesn’t go to waste
diced bread and herbs on a cutting board

Make Meals Stretch

I learned early on that I needed to find ways to take staple meals and stretch them as much as I could.

Pasta meals are often great for the budget and if you use a good whole wheat pasta it fills bellies really well.

Homemade bread is a frugal way to stretch a meal. I have a terrific no fail bread recipe that you will love. If you are into sourdough, try my healthy sourdough french bread.

Other ways to stretch meals is to add in veggies and grains.

  • beans
  • corn
  • diced tomatoes
  • shredded carrots or zucchini
  • lentils
  • rice
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Avoid Social Media

Hang with me on this one. This might not even apply to you, but then again… it might.

If you are needing to really tighten up your finances, now might be a great time to take a social media detox break.

I think of myself as pretty content and satisfied homemaker.

Then, I see “so and so” share something fantastic on Instagram and I instantly start coveting it myself.

Does this happen to you? It’s not good news for the homemaker that is trying to stretch her frugal muscles.

Take a break from social media and sit within your four walls and settle into contentment.

woman in a green knit sweater and denim jeans

Frugal Homemaker’s Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

I started building capsule wardrobes years ago and the budget was one of the reasons why I began this process.

As a homemaker, I don’t want to look run down and unkempt.

I want to be presentable and look pulled together. Think of a classic wardrobe that can stand the test of time.

That’s why I began my capsule wardrobe.

I started with good denim and slowly grew my minimalist wardrobe from there.

Each season I would bring in a staple item that was high quality.

Those items are still in great shape and to this day, which means that I save money in the long run by not repurchasing them.

I’m a bit older now, so this works for me because I don’t want to be buying clothing every season.

I want to open my closet and like what I see. Plus, it helps the budget since I’m not always trying to buy the latest trends.

I have shared several capsules with you.

I truly think purchasing high quality clothing and keeping a minimal wardrobe is a great way to be a frugal homemaker.

In the long run, less money is spent because items are bought over and over.

A few great ideas for finding great quality for less would be:

  • Thrift for great brands
  • TJMaxx often has high quality brands for good prices
  • Get on mailing lists and stack coupons on top of sales for high quality brands, such as JCrew, The Loft, Banana Republic, or L.L.Bean.
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Cut Your own Hair

I cannot even say how much money we have saved in kid haircuts over the years.

Am I the best hair cutter? Nope, but I am good enough and it always looks fine in the end.

Years ago I bought some hair cutting shears and a clipper set and I have been cutting the kids’ hair ever since.

This is a simple way to save a few hundred dollars a year without much effort.

For me, I love my hair short, but that requires me to get it trimmed often.

I have grown my hair out because it is more of a maintenance free style.

When I start going gray, this will change, but for now it works.

cranberries, oranges, and rosemary in a mason jar made by a frugal homemaker

Use Concentrated Cleaning Supplies

Reusable rags and a cleaning concentrate that stretches our dollars have been so impactful on our budget.

I use regular household ingredients to make specialty cleaners.

I shared my recipes in my Simple Cleaning Tips ebook.

When it comes to a simple cleaning routine, using concentrates is the best way to go.

You use a capful of concentrate and add water to it to create an all purpose cleaner. It is so much more economical than buying cleaners at the store over and over.

If you want to make your own DIY Infused vinegar cleaner, you can! It’s easy and very effective.

a frugal homemaker's pantry with canned goods on a pantry shelf

Frugal Homemaker’s Prepared Pantry

A great way to be frugal is to buy double when you are at the store and there are sales.

With a larger family, it is so nice to have a fully stocked pantry to pull from.

Keeping a prepared kitchen with items I use regularly means that if something is costly one week I can pull from my current pantry and restock once the price goes down.

With grocery prices increasing, buying a few more cans of beans now means you will be saving money by not having to buy it later on when it’s even more expensive.

Can we eliminate all of the excess? I don’t think so, but we can do small things to try and be wise with our resources.

Having a little saved back is helpful in this way.

Plus, having a well stocked pantry also keeps us from ordering out because we have what we need to make a healthy meal at home.

Quick Frugal Homemaking Tip

Did you know your freezer runs more efficiently when it is fully stocked? Buy those meats and veggies when they are on sale and stock your freezer.

basket full of green and red vegetables a frugal homemaker picked

Start a Garden

Maybe you only have enough to create a small patio garden with some pots. Do it! It’s a great time to start a garden.

If you can afford a vertical garden, I highly recommend the GreenStalk planter that I shared a complete GreenStalk Vertical garden review on. Use code QUICK to get $10 off!

With produce prices going up, investing in some seeds, dirt, and planting system is a great idea.

Being able to feed your family yourself is so wise and a patio garden is a great place to start.

It doesn’t need to be grand. Just learn the ropes and get started.

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Dry Clothes on a Clothesline

I don’t have a clothesline here, but in our last home I did and I loved using it.

We can’t have them in our current neighborhood.

I make due with a few racks and chairs inside.

If you have access to a clothesline or have a place to put one up, I highly suggest it.

It saves on your energy bill and makes your clothes smell like summer.

white kitchen with shiplap and open shelving with frugal flowers

Frugal Home Decor Updates

The biggest bang for your buck when it comes to updating your home would be to paint.

Freshen things up with paint. I have the best white paint colors for interiors in a blog post and share how to pick the perfect color.

Do you have a room that is driving you crazy? Just neutralize it with a pretty coat of paint and save up for the rest.

If you want to add charm to your home, always check out the thrift store or add some antiques to your home. They add charm instantly.

Remember that You’re not Alone

The hardest part about being super frugal is that you feel like you’re the only one.

Other people aren’t being as frugal and it feels like a lonely road.

Keep those blinders on and remember your reason for watching your pennies.

You’re not alone. Lot’s of homemakers are right there with you.

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  1. Great list! Another tip, if someone isn’t confident cutting hair, is to find a local beauty college. The one near me is $7 for kids and $12 for adults…washed, cut and styled!

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